Spurred on by a statewide initiative to reduce widespread societal problems, a coalition of healthcare and early-learning organizations set out to help families thrive: connecting parents and families with local resources to keep children from slipping through the cracks.

Working closely with coalition stakeholders, we developed the strategy, identity, and messaging system to appeal to young parents with an original brand and website, representing the coordinated effort of multiple organizations.

What we did

  • Strategy Strategy
  • Naming Naming
  • Branding Branding
  • Website Website


Societal problems like crime, substance abuse, and mental illness don’t come out of nowhere. Every incident has a story, though we may not know it’s brewing until it makes a headline. If we could address these issues before they emerge, we could make a real difference.

Pollywog is a regional initiative to prevent these kinds of problems. The goal is to keep vulnerable children from slipping through the cracks in the first place by offering young parents the educational and healthcare resources to raise healthier families.

To succeed, the brand needed to feel human, not institutional. It had to overcome the stigma parents may feel about getting help. And the website had to capture leads for a variety of partner organizations while integrating with a HIPAA-compliant database.

It’s important for a branding agency to have a true grasp of the outcomes of a project to understand how to effectively market it.

Kristi May, Director of Early Learning Hub, Linn-Benton Community College

We worked in collaboration with Linn-Benton Community College, InterCommunity Health Network CCO (our region’s coordinated care organization), and Samaritan Health Services to achieve project goals through an iterative approach that involved extensive interviews with target audience members and various other stakeholders.


  • Challenge

    There’s social stigma attached to needing help. People don’t want to feel like they need to take parenting classes, especially if they’ve already been doing it for a while.


    To overcome resistance, we strategized an early outreach. If parenting education begins at pregnancy — when families are eager for information and hopeful about the future — we can normalize it, connect them with resources, and be there for them down the road.

  • Challenge

    The project is an initiative of the regional coordinated care organization, but the brand will not resonate with disconnected parents if it feels too institutional.


    We developed an approachable brand that evokes movement and life, to bring out the optimism and transformation of young children and new beginnings.


We conducted a broad exploration of naming options: literal, abstract, and emotional. Our winning name — Pollywog — was chosen primarily because it’s a great metaphor for transformation. Pollywog sounds youthful and friendly, it’s fun to say, and it’s memorable.


We created a bright, cheery design to convey a sense of possibility and change: resonating with new families, while inspiring parents of older children to believe in their ability to improve.


Wherever parents may be on their journey, we want to bring them into a system of support, where they can access the resources needed to overcome everyday challenges and thrive. One of the major objectives of the website is lead capture. To that end, we integrated the website with the CCO’s HIPAA-compliant database.

The MAC has provided us with a high-quality, user-friendly website that is an amazing resource for families in our community.

Kristi May, Director of Early Learning Hub, Linn-Benton Community College

We felt confident choosing the MAC because of their understanding of our work, the professionalism of their team, and their overall attention to detail and service. We are absolutely thrilled with how the branding turned out.

Kristi May, Director of Early Learning Hub, Linn-Benton Community College

Our client asked us to invent a brand while balancing government objectives, technical web requirements, and the need to overcome challenges related to parenting education stigma. We brought our investigative research and multidisciplinary skill set to understand the project’s core problems, then solved them in a comprehensive, effective way.

Website: pollywogfamily.org

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