In a saturated marketplace, Willamette Community Bank (WCB) needed to differentiate. They also needed to refresh an antiquated brand and website to make a powerful promise to their four core business audiences.

We worked with WCB to create a strategy. Then we updated their brand, redesigned their website, expanded its functionality, and developed content and voice to faithfully represent their value.

What we did

  • Strategy Strategy
  • Branding Branding
  • Content & Messaging Content & Messaging
  • Website Website


Over several years, Willamette Community Bank did a lot of work defining their target industries and homing in on what they do best. With plans to move into a new market in Salem, they decided there’s no time like the present to reinvent an antiquated website.

They knew they wanted the site to represent who they are and what they do best. They knew that in a digital age, it had to be fast, robust, and easy to use. What they didn’t know is what they wanted it to look like or say.

With no preconceived answers in mind, WCB began to look for a branding partner. Their existing hosting provider provided many templates, but — being templates — these didn’t offer a custom product. Other firms gave presentations on how they thought the final should look. The MAC offered something different.

The MAC didn’t walk in and tell us how it should look. They showed us how we could get there together.

Joan Reukauf, SVP/COO Willamette Community Bank

We met with the board, talked a little, and listened a lot. “Their first step was to get to know us and what we value,” Reukauf said.

Then we started walking WCB through our process. We interviewed customers, tellers, employees, managers, directors. We performed a tech audit, industry analysis, and brand audit. WCB had a voice at every step, and we worked with them closely to match the final product to their goals.

“We didn’t know what we were looking for at first,” Reukauf said. “But the MAC was able to pull it out of us. They helped us discover what we wanted to put out there.”


WCB serves both businesses and individuals, but its focus is business-first. The brand needed to convey that.

The bank’s website was painfully antiquated, both in how it looked and in what it could do. That had to change.

Having worked hard to identify their four target industries, WCB needed to communicate those clearly. We developed front page banners to make a direct pitch to people working in agriculture, manufacturing, professional services, and nonprofit areas.

Because the website also needed to highlight the specific business products that WCB offers those industries, we created landing pages for each.


As a financial institution, WCB needs to present itself as a stable funding partner. It also wanted to showcase its ability to provide solid, ongoing financial advice. The new messaging positions the bank as a trustworthy neighbor: conveying friendly professionalism in a business-casual voice.


The bank’s previous logo had a spirit of tradition that was worth preserving. That said, the clocktower illustration was overly detailed, and the typeface had become tired. We refreshed the outdated look with an aesthetic appropriate for a digital audience, while keeping its traditional personality intact.


The content of the website needed to feel place-specific and genuine. We drew from customers’ experience to speak directly to the local community in an authentic voice, developing original copywriting, photography of the community, and testimonial quotes gleaned from our interviews.


We created a robust website able to integrate with the third-party online banking partners that work with WCB. Seamlessly syncing with their secure online banking system was critical.

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  • Willamette Community Bank mobile
  • Willamette Community Bank mobile

The MAC really brought us through their process. That made us appreciate the finished product so much more: you get to see it grow, mature, progress. And you fall in love with it.

Joan Reukauf, SVP/COO Willamette Community Bank

When Willamette Community Bank asked the MAC to refresh their brand, they didn’t know exactly what they were looking for. We partnered with them to unfold the answers, reinforce their unique position in the marketplace, and empower them to grow where they can grow best.


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