After serving Oregonians for nearly 150 years, Oregon State recognized the way people engage with the University was changing. With that in mind, the school’s Outreach & Engagement (O&E) Division asked the MAC to help make those impacts more widely understood.


With a physical presence in each of Oregon’s 36 counties, over 900 courses online, and learners from across the state, nation, and world, O&E was exploring new ways to teach, research, and engage with communities. The impacts of those efforts, however, were not as visible as they needed to be.


Our client needed an engaging way to display the work they do around the state: helping people understand their effort to meet the needs of a worldwide audience, join the conversation, and benefit from those efforts directly, themselves.


The MAC created a series of four-page quarterly publications to be inserted in the University’s Stater magazine; we handled the design and layout, and also helped develop a strategy for measuring readership using surveys and giveaways. The publications were also printed as stand-alone brochures (11×17) to be distributed around campus.


With beautiful and informative print collateral to promote their work, our client gained a communication tool to share the impacts they make, celebrate the many learning opportunities that Oregon State provides, and invite community members to get engaged.

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