Reading the Pacific Northwest is a project of OSU Libraries & Press, bringing memoirs and historical accounts from early Oregon settlers out of the archives and onto the web, where they can be read and enjoyed by anyone.


The stories of early Oregon settlers are a public heritage — yet without a way for people to discover and consume them, they remain unknown. OSU Libraries & Press wanted to change that.


Our client wanted to create a website where visitors could read accounts and memoirs from Oregon’s pioneer history. They also wanted web visitors to be able to download PDFs and order printed copies of the works published.


The MAC designed and developed a friendly UX/UI — an intuitive user experience with a clean, attractive interface to support the goals of the project. We also designed a flexible system of book cover templates to identify each work as part of the series.


Through this project, we helped our client make it possible for Oregonians (as well as readers throughout the world) to access stories from our shared heritage, bringing history out of the archives, into people’s hands.

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