Woodcastle specializes in timeless furniture designs crafted from local, solid wood — but due to a confusing brand, they weren’t resonating with their ideal customers. They hired the MAC to build an identity system to change that.


Woodcastle makes the finest solid wood furniture in the Pacific Northwest with locally sourced materials, timeless designs, and expert craftsmanship — but their brand was telling a very different story. With a major perception problem to unravel, they hired the MAC.


Our client needed a new branding and communication system to better reach the right buyers for their timeless, handcrafted furniture — and position the company for continued growth.


Based on intensive research, we crafted a solid strategy to move Woodcastle Furniture forward. Our recommendations were based in part on an in-depth competitive analysis that revealed key differentiators such as Woodcastle’s industry-leading lifetime guarantee. We then developed a new tagline and other messaging, a comprehensive identity system, a brand book to achieve consistency in future applications, product photography, and point-of-sale collateral to be used in showrooms across the nation.

Woodcastle's original logo compared with the new logo which better represents their expert craftsmanship


The MAC equipped Woodcastle with all the tools our client needed to take control of their brand story, express their true competitive differentiators with strength and clarity, and claim their position in the marketplace.

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