Rule #1: Do good work.

Madison Ave. Collective — aka the MAC — is a strategic, collaborative design firm headquartered in the friendly Pacific NW college town of Corvallis, Oregon. Our all-star lineup of designers, developers, and brand strategists specialize in doing good work, together.

But building effective tools and memorable brands is only part of our purpose. Doing good work is also about partnering with good clients — both locally and nationwide — to influence our community and world in positive ways. It’s about giving, too, when we donate creative services to nonprofit organizations and community groups through our MAC Gives Back program.

All this to say, the way we do business is more than just about being good. It’s about being better.

Madison Ave. Collective 2014

Meet the team


Jeff Jimerson

  • Principal and Creative Director
  • Playground supervisor


Logan Hoffman

  • Client Relations
  • Goooooooooooooal!


Lainie Turner

  • Account Manager
  • Queen of the gantt chart


Prue Ruby

  • Project Manager
  • Prue’f is in the puddin’


Hanna Knowles

  • Marketing Strategist
  • Run with it


Cully Larson

  • Developer
  • Not a fuzzy puppy, but just as amiable


Jake Likewise

  • Designer
  • Has better handwriting than you


Elisabeth McCumber

  • Senior Copywriter
  • Eradicate the fluff


Kyla Tom

  • Senior Designer
  • Into infographics

Andrew Von Dollen

  • Developer
  • CA beach bum


Tarren Engberg

  • Intern
  • Tarren it up

Playground Rules

Good people, united

While our team is diverse, our core values unite us. We call them our Playground Rules — six guiding principles for serving our clients and community. It’s all about doing good work with good people, and enjoying ourselves along the way. Things like graphic design, branding, and web development. Our secret sauce? Collaboration.

Join us

We’re often looking for good people to add to our roster. Are you a team player with the skills and experience we need?

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