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Branding and Website Development for Public Good

Established in 2008, Madison Ave. Collective (MAC) is an award-winning branding design and website user experience firm. We thrive on partnering with agencies, organizations, and brands to make a positive impact on our communities and world.


Our game plan? Start with research, follow time-tested processes, and bring home the win.

Good as gold

Our branding and UX design work has been recognized with top awards from Webby, W3, Graphic Design USA, the National Council for Marketing & Public Relations, and more.
pinball illustration

Rules of the game

  • 1.

    Do good work

    Make things we can be proud of. Make a difference. Make an impact.

  • 2.

    Be dependable

    Do what we say we’re going to do, and deliver on time.

  • 3.

    Act with integrity

    Do the right thing, even when nobody’s watching.

  • 4.

    Be positive

    Attitude is everything. No excuses, no complaining. Find the good.

  • 5.

    Play well with others

    Collaborate. Share. Trust our teammates. Give and receive respect.

  • 6.

    Have fun

    Enjoy the work. If we’re not having fun, we’re in the wrong business.

  • Jeff Jimerson

    Jeff Jimerson

    Principal & Creative Director

  • Logan Hoffman

    Logan Hoffman

    Senior Business Strategist

  • Prue Ruby

    Prue Ruby

    Senior Project Manager

  • Peter Kossakowski

    Peter Kossakowski

    Brand Strategist

  • Andrew Von Dollen

    Andrew Von Dollen

    Senior Developer

  • Cully Larson

    Cully Larson

    Senior Developer

  • Elisabeth McCumber

    Elisabeth McCumber

    Senior Writer

  • Emma Palin

    Emma Palin


  • Rosie Leung

    Rosie Leung


  • Erin Jimerson

    Erin Jimerson

    Marketing Assistant

  • Jaime Law

    Jaime Law

    Project Manager

  • Sierra Johnson

    Sierra Johnson

    UX Designer

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