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  • Edmonds College

    Located just north of Seattle, Edmonds College offers both 2- and 4-year degrees while also striving to meet the needs of nontraditional students, community partners, and local businesses. Edmonds asked MAC to guide them in a complete overhaul of multiple public-facing websites in order to streamline user pathways, while also creating fresh brand messaging and marketing tools to help the college better tell its story.

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  • Team Oregon

    Team Oregon is a one-stop solution for Oregonians who want to get their motorcycle endorsement. Working in partnership with Oregon Department of Transportation and Oregon State University, it provides all the training and certification that riders need to get on the road, safely and smoothly.

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  • Linn-Benton Community College

    LBCC knew it needed a new look. It also needed to reframe a conversation. How could this dynamic institution overcome its perception challenges? After a thorough search for an experienced branding design partner, LBCC chose the MAC.

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  • Heartland Humane

    Heartland Humane Society needed a warmer, more inviting brand image to better communicate their love for pets and service to the community. For that, they called on the MAC.

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  • Brand Name Pencils

    Brand Name Pencils (BNP) is the world’s largest online vintage pencil store. But after fourteen years, the site was sorely outdated and sales were sinking. It was time for a clean sheet of paper and a strategic partner to help them recapture market share. For that, BNP leaned on the MAC.

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  • FamilyCore

    FamilyCore is a community services network that connects parents of young children with a broad support system to meet challenges head-on. The newly formed organization was in need of branding, a website, and a marketing plan to introduce itself to the community. For this, they came to Madison Ave. Collective.

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  • Benton County

    For more than 133 years, the towering county courthouse has been a hard-to-miss symbol of local government. Problem was, an old-timey image of the historic building didn’t exactly capture this progressive community’s vision for the future. Benton County wanted to build a more modern, vibrant, and inclusive brand identity. And for that, they called on the MAC.

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