Complex Organizations Find Clarity with MAC

Featured Case Studies on Branding, Website Development, and Strategic Communications

  • Edmonds College

    Located just north of Seattle, Edmonds College offers both 2- and 4-year degrees while also striving to meet the needs of nontraditional students, community partners, and local businesses. Edmonds asked MAC to guide them in a complete overhaul of multiple public-facing websites in order to streamline user pathways, while also creating fresh brand messaging and marketing tools to help the college better tell its story.

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  • Ride Clackamas

    In partnership with five separate transit agencies, Clackamas County selected MAC to develop an all-new digital transportation hub that enables Portland-area riders to view bus routes, get directions, and track bus locations from a single website.

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  • Oregon Department of Early Learning and Care

    Oregon’s early childhood development organizations were fragmented, causing challenges for families seeking support. The Department of Early Learning and Care (DELC) was created to consolidate these resources, and they enlisted MAC’s help to design an inclusive visual identity and sub-brand system for the new unified agency.

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  • Linn Together

    Linn Together came to MAC to further their public health mission by preventing and reducing youth substance use. They needed a strategic partner to develop a distinctive, inviting brand; a robust website; and an ongoing series of large, educational media campaigns.

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  • Linn-Benton Community College

    LBCC knew it needed a new look. It also needed to reframe a conversation. How could this dynamic institution overcome its perception challenges? After a thorough search for an experienced branding design partner, LBCC chose MAC.

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  • Team Oregon - Motorcycle Training & Certification

    Team Oregon is the one-stop solution for getting a motorcycle endorsement. Working in partnership with the Oregon Department of Transportation and Oregon State University, the website developed by MAC provides easy access to training and certification for riders to get on the road safely.

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  • Benton County

    For more than 133 years, the towering county courthouse has been a hard-to-miss symbol of local government. Problem was, an old-timey image of the historic building didn’t exactly capture this progressive community’s vision for the future. Benton County wanted to build a more modern, vibrant, and inclusive brand identity. And for that, they called on the MAC.

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