Branding and identity design

Your brand is your promise. It’s also your reputation. We’ll build you a branding and identity toolkit — your unique logo, color palette, signage, and more — to help your organization put its stamp on the world in ways that are memorable and distinct and genuine. Just like you.

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User Experience Design

User experience / interface design

Intuitive and hassle-free user experiences that are fun, not frustrating. How do we do it? Fierce devotion to detail, consummate skill, and big-picture thinking. The right architecture + the right message + the right design = the best experience for your customer. This is UX/UI done right.

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Front-end Development

Web development

Our recipe for successful, reliable websites: Start with compelling UX/UI design. Build it out with clean, state-of-the-art programming and an easy-to-use CMS. Stir in user testing. Season with mobile-optimization. Finish with really great content. Results: a scalable, responsive website that leaves everyone asking for more.

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Back-end Development

Database / application development

Highly functional web applications need significant horsepower under the hood — deft databases, elegant API deployment. The custom tools we build aren’t just cream puffs with shiny fenders. They’re powerful, durable, and engineered to deliver tons of data, lightning fast.

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Strategy and Marketing


Know thy customers. And have a plan to reach them. It starts with defining objectives and identifying key metrics for success. But you need more than a road map to get from Point A to Point Z. You also need the oh-so-critical stuff in between: SEO, social media, smart and targeted ad campaigns, messaging, and more. We can help. Executing great ideas is what we do.

Content Development

Content creation

You’re not just selling widgets. You’re telling a story. And how you deliver your message — through text, photos, illustration, videos, and more — can be the difference between a story that sticks, and a story that … doesn’t. We’ll help you communicate better with crisp content that wins the ear of your next customer (or donor, or investor). Long story short: we’ll make you a better storyteller.

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What’s it like working with the MAC?

Friendly folks, proven processes, and always-reliable results. Here’s what to expect when you hire the MAC.



First things first. We start by learning about your goals and your customers, talking with your stakeholders, and uncovering all the information necessary to guide us in the right direction.



Next, with the problem (or opportunity) accurately diagnosed, we’ll recommend the very best strategy — including tools, tactics, and timeline — to accomplish your goals.


Design & Develop

With detailed blueprints in hand, our expert team of designers, developers, and content creators begin to build and execute the plan. Best practices and processes are employed throughout.



Test, refine, repeat. Building a new brand or campaign isn’t a one-time event. We’ll help you observe users and customers, then adjust techniques and messaging to reach them even better.



We love to partner with our clients for long-term success. After our initial engagement is completed we’ll be right here to help you further expand and develop your brand’s reach.

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Our capabilities

Pixels and paper and pinball machines … these are a few of our favorite things.

Building brands

  • Strategy and messaging
  • Print and digital campaigns
  • Landing pages, lead generation
  • SEO, SEM, analytics
  • Social media, mass media

Designer genes

  • Identity and collateral systems
  • Icons and infographics
  • Mapping information, data visualization
  • Packaging, posters, PMS ink
  • Mobile, responsive, iOS

Speaking geek

  • PHP, Java, Perl, Ruby
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server
  • AJAX, Javascript, jQuery
  • HTML5, CSS3
  • Sitefinity, WordPress, Drupal