Central Washington University wanted to give online students an interactive tool that would point them to individualized resources like mental health support and academic advising. And the experience needed to be seamless and easy. For this, they called on the MAC.


Central Washington University (CWU) offers numerous ways to support students on their academic journeys such as tutoring, mental health information, and advising. The online learning department wanted to not only make it easier for students to become more aware and take advantage of these supports, but also for the experience to feel personalized and quick to complete.


Additionally, the interactive tool needed to fit seamlessly into an existing website page template and be accessible on both desktop and mobile devices. It had to be easy for administrators to keep up-to-date, too.


Our client was looking for an experienced website development partner to design a user interface to perfectly match their existing website look-and-feel, and then to code it with modern and lightweight CSS/HTML with interactive Javascript elements.


Most importantly, the tool needed to accurately make recommendations to students to match their individual needs. CWU asked Madison Ave. Collective to help them achieve these goals.


Following discovery, design and development, MAC delivered a complete package of files to our client. We then assisted with testing on the University’s web server. We also provided training to administrators on how they can associate survey questions with new support resources in the future.


Today, students enrolled in online classes at Central Washington University are benefiting from the interactive assessment. With an easy-to-use interface seamlessly integrated into the University website, they can now find and receive the academic and mental health support they need.

What could an interactive, personalized user experience do for your website?

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