In Corvallis, city and university are interdependent. Oregon State is a source of vitality, but it also brings congestion. Looking for a branding partner to collaborate with the city on a new identity for its public transit system, the university chose the MAC.


Public transit is a great way to reduce traffic, but in Corvallis, the transit system’s identity was several decades outdated, reinforcing negative stereotypes about the inconvenience and (for students) uncoolness of riding the bus.


Oregon State wanted to smooth relations with its neighbors, improve the student experience, and support enrollment. Taking cars off the road, out of parking lots, and off streetside residential parking would serve all three goals.


Working closely and iteratively with Corvallis, MAC developed a fresh logo whose linking letterforms evoke movement, connecting people and places. We developed a tagline that expresses personalized, effortless convenience. We then applied the new identity to its signage and bus wraps.


The new brand increased recognition as well as ridership, reinforcing the transit system’s brand, positioning the city bus as an attractive option, and serving the goals of both city and university.

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