Flag & Wire is a Pacific Northwest café and coffee roasting company founded in 2015. With a name inspired by an old-timey poem about success and hard work, they had strong values right from the start. What they didn’t have was the branding to go with it.


Launching a new café and roastery in the coffee-saturated Pacific Northwest, our client was going to have to differentiate, and fast. What could they do to stand out?


The MAC saw that Flag & Wire would need to define itself as uncommon: for the convenience of its coffee subscriptions, the tastiness in its cup, and its unabashed commitment to ethics.


With that in mind, we created the logo, messaging, brand and marketing strategy, packaging design, and identity guide to give Flag & Wire the wings to rise above a saturated market.


From logo to packaging, our client’s identity is clean and elegant: adding nuance to the values of its brand, while defining its offerings as the uncommon coffee you choose to drink.

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