Oregon State University offers many field-leading programs of study — but prospective students don’t always know where to start, or even what direction they want to go. How to connect students with the right program, if the student hasn’t picked a direction?


When a student doesn’t know which career is right for them, it’s hard to choose a major, let alone a school. Without a way to reach them and help them decide, Oregon State would be missing a huge potential enrollment opportunity.


A handful of OSU’s departments, including the College of Forestry, wanted to help incoming students explore their options, narrow down the possibilities, and choose a major of study that best aligns with their personal interests and career goals.


The MAC developed an interactive online tool that collects a student’s interests, assigns accurate point values to their answers, and transforms that data into a short list of recommended programs. We were responsible for the information architecture and UX/UI design, front- and back-end development, as well as naming and copywriting.


With this innovative tool, incoming students can discover majors of study that fit their personal interests, skills, and future goals. Thanks to a robust, customizable back-end interface, every question answered brings them one step closer to a Major Discovery.

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