Team Oregon is the one-stop solution for getting a motorcycle endorsement. Working in partnership with the Oregon Department of Transportation and Oregon State University, the website developed by MAC provides easy access to training and certification for riders to get on the road safely.


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As a government-funded outreach program of a state university, Team Oregon represents a complex coalition of public safety partners and stakeholders. On its website, these relationships were unclear. More importantly, the site itself was confusing, critical information was missing from it, and for users, the process of choosing a course was very hard to follow. It was a UX challenge, and we took it on full throttle.


In dialogue with numerous stakeholders, MAC developed three separate websites using WordPress Multisite to serve all of Team Oregon’s internal and external users. We significantly improved the architecture, content, and appearance of the organization’s online presence, informed by user testing. We also integrated custom tools for mapping and search filtering: making it easy for Oregonians to select the right course for their location and skill level.


To resolve user confusion around Team Oregon’s relationship to the university, we developed colors and fonts to reflect a connection to Oregon State, while also maintaining a distinction between the two.


Ultimately, the deliverables included three separate websites: a public-facing site for driver-students, an internal site for administrators, and an instructor site offering a variety of resources for those who lead the courses. By developing a different multisite for each user group, we eliminated confusion and made it easier for everyone to find what they need.

The mobile-responsive website was further improved through user testing during the UX design phase.

“After a seamless transition from the old website, kudos and compliments on the new site started coming in immediately from our stakeholders. They were wowed by the fresh, clean design and ease of navigation.”


— Pat Hahn, Advanced Training and Engagement Manager, Team Oregon


Working within the parameters of Team Oregon’s existing brand identity, MAC clarified its positioning, eliminated user confusion, and dramatically improved its online experience. We integrated custom mapping and search tools to make the process of finding and registering for courses simple and seamless. Take the website for a spin at

In the end we enabled Team Oregon to deliver a completely new-and-improved online experience for riders seeking their motorcycle endorsement. The difference is improved usability, and the result is better engagement.


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