CWRide is an initiative of Cascades West Council of Governments, bringing together seven public transportation agencies to give riders a seamless transit experience across Benton, Lincoln, and Linn counties.


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The push for public transportation services within and beyond individual transit districts is nationwide, and growing. Numerous agencies are coming together to make public transportation a practical option for people with complex, interdistrict needs. However, connecting separate transit systems into one seamless experience is no simple challenge.


With our track record in public transportation, the MAC understood what Cascades West was seeking to do. We researched their challenges, worked with their stakeholders, and ultimately developed a new, innovative software tool to bring multiple systems together into a seamless rider experience.

The new CWRide site features an easy-to-navigate map of all seven public transportation agencies across Benton, Lincoln, and Linn counties.


Normally, our clients come to us with an existing brand they wish to refresh. In this case, our task was to develop a brand from scratch: an exciting challenge.


We also developed the WordPress website for this project, equipped with a custom software tool that we developed to provide interactive mapping and real-time guidance for riders moving within and across transit districts.

CWRide's mini style guide includes their new logo, secondary logo variations, and color palette.


Today a person can take the bus all the way from Sweet Home to Lincoln City, Oregon, traversing multiple transit districts, with real-time guidance for each stop and transfer. While other websites may offer similar-looking features, the tool we developed integrates a vast amount of data from many different systems for a truly seamless experience—and it shows. After project launch, CWRide’s API calls grew by more than 5,000 per month, reflecting a significant increase in utilization.

Navigating public transit across Benton, Lincoln, and Linn counties is made easy with CWRide's new site.

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