In partnership with five separate transit agencies, Clackamas County selected MAC to develop an all-new digital transportation hub that enables Portland-area riders to view bus routes, get directions, and track bus locations from a single website.


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Mobile-friendly site designed with efficient trip planning in mind.


How to travel seamlessly across districts? The question is a perennial problem for public transit systems. Moreover, for people without cars, it’s not only a matter of logistics, but an equity challenge. Clackamas County needed to unify its services with five separate transit agencies operating within and beyond county boundaries. It had to do so on a very strict timeframe.


Drawing on our experience in public transportation, and working with our client’s complex stakeholder groups, MAC created a transparent transit tool that delivers true ease of use: maximizing public benefit, improving equity, strengthening constituent relationships—and most of all, making it easy for people to get from one part of the county to another using multiple transit systems.

An interactive map gives riders real-time information about six transit systems.


In branding Ride Clackamas, our task was to create an overarching visual identity, representing multiple public transportation agencies, each with its own disparate look and feel. We needed to unify them under a single umbrella. We did so with a complementary, contrasting color palette, and a logo whose form is full of motion.


In developing the new Ride Clackamas website, we not only provided a seamless transportation experience updated by industry-standard GTFS data. We refreshed and migrated each agency’s existing content into an easy-to-navigate page structure.

The motion-inspired logo uses a color palette that complements existing bus system brand identities.

“Collaborating with the MAC team on our website’s development has been an exceptionally smooth experience. Their seamless integration of input from five distinct transit providers resulted in a website that garnered unanimous approval and genuine enthusiasm.”


— Kristina Babcock, Human Services Supervisor, Clackamas County


The tool we developed — see it at — answers a need faced by transportation districts around the country: a modern user interface with live bus routes, real-time bus tracking, and trip-planning capability — all delivered right on schedule.

In the end, we unified many moving parts into one seamless interface: delivering robust functionality, and making it feel effortless.


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